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Forklift Tires

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Direct Forklift Parts of New York is a trusted supplier and distributor of quality forklift parts, including dependable forklift tires. Though our distribution center is in New York, we are a nationwide dealer of forklift tires. Tires are one of the most important aspects of a forklift. They keep the forklift running smooth on both factory floors and outside elements. Due to the wide range of uses for a forklift, there are a variety of tires to adhere to these various situations. Though many tires can be interchangeable, using the forklift with the correct tire will make the vehicle perform better and last longer. What this essentially does is save you money in the long run, because you will be properly using the vehicle. It would not be subject to misuse, which increases the longevity of machine. Get the best forklift tires at affordable prices with Direct Forklift Parts today!

Forklift Tires Types

As a trusted supplier of forklifts and forklift tires, it is important to note that differences in tires. There are various types of forklift tires that can be used by industries around the country. Each work setting could potentially need different tires. That way the tire on the forklift is performing up to its ability. Here are some different types of tires to consider when making a forklift purchase:

  • Pneumatic Forklift Tires: These are the most popular and widely used tires in the industry, as they can be used with a variety of forklifts. They are designed to withstand heavy duty conditions and their additional cushioning makes them an ideal tires for a variety of elements. Though, their best attribute is how well they handle on rough and uneven terrain. A step up from this model is the solid pneumatic forklift tire, which are built with strong, natural rubber. Due to their effective tread designs, they are fairly energy efficient, which ultimately helps to lower maintenance costs. These tires can be solid and shaped for outdoor and yard work. They are built with strong, natural rubber that are ideal for outdoor terrain. They also feature tread designs and compounds that make them energy efficient as well. This helps the productivity of the solid tires and can significantly reduce the maintenance required. Also, they are durable, so replacement expenses will also be lessened.
  • Solid Cushion Press Tires: A solid press on forklift tires are solid and smooth tires with the tread pressed into a ring of steel. This ultimately forms the tire and makes them more resistant to injury. These tires can be used for various load capacities and are extra useful when the operator of the forklift is having difficulty steering. And they can be used on both concrete floors, as well as rough terrain.
  • Polyurethane Press Tires: These solid forklift tires are great for electrical lifts. They conserve battery life and can cause less drag. Your production will increase as a result. And since they have the ability to carry more weight than a cushion press on tires, they are great for heavy indoor lifting. For the best use of this tire use it on smooth, indoor surfaces.
  • White/Gray Non Marking Rubber Tires: These forklift tires are used to prevent tire marks on inside floors. This is most important for those using it in the food distribution industry, as they have to comply with OSHA safety regulations. And although they may come in a variety of colors, they are manufactured to not get any colors on the floors. These non-marking tires have the ability to accidentally pick up dirt, but then proceed to lay the dirt back down without creating any unwanted marks. For those using rubber tires, marks can be made in those exact same situations. This is due to the standard rubber compound that is being used. If that is a concern of yours, than these tires are the ones for you.

If you have any questions regarding these types of forklift tires, please consult with out customer service team. We have a knowledgeable staff who can answer any questions about this industry.

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Direct Forklift Parts are a trusted supplier and distributor of quality forklift parts, including forklift tires. We are providers of a wide range of forklift supplies and equipment for the New York area, including Brooklyn and Queens. We are a nationwide distributor of all that we offer, even though we are located in Queens, New York. For more information about our forklift tires or any of our other forklift parts, please contact us today. The number to call our office is: (718) 738-5120. We will gladly assist you will any questions or concerns you may have about our tires for forklifts and will help you choose the one that is right for you!