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Forklift Safety Equipment

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If you operate a forklift, you are going to need forklift safety equipment. Direct Forklift Parts has the necessary gear for companies in locations such as Queens, Brooklyn and New York. Just be sure that you or your employees have been trained and certified. Comply with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) to prevent accidents.

Once you are qualified, awareness of all potential hazards while operating a forklift is vital. Those in the industry should be familiar with all safety precautions associated with the operation of a forklift. Areas of concern include:

  • Surface conditions
  • Ramps
  • Docks
  • Narrow Aisles

Having the proper forklift safety equipment will help you navigate any tough situation in the workplace. Direct Forklift Parts is your trusted supplier of high quality forklift parts and we are here to ensure you have all the right parts and that your forklift is being operated safely.

Forklift Safety Equipment & Parts

As a trusted forklift safety equipment supplier, we carry many forklift parts in our inventory. One of the primary concerns when using a forklift is that they do not make unexpected contact with someone other than the driver. Illumination and sounds on a forklift warn of the approaching vehicle. Lights are especially practical when there is machinery noise throughout a bustling warehouse and alert sounds are not audible.

Strobe Lights

While many people think of a strobe as part of the visuals for a theatrical performance, this type of light is actually a valuable warning sign for an approaching forklift. Strobe lights used as part of your forklift safety equipment should be located between five and six feet above the ground. OSHA requires the use of a strobe light when pedestrians can actually see the light being projected. In other words, this is primarily for indoor use, as the daylight when outdoors enables a clear viewing of the forklift.

Blue Lights

This forklift safety equipment component shines a beam on the ground. This blue light is normally mounted on the front and/or back of the forklift and appears a few yards away from the vehicle. This is particularly helpful for workers looking downward while approaching, because areas where forklifts are used can be noisy. Simply hearing a forklift may not be enough, but seeing a light on the ground while walking is sometimes a necessary precaution. You can never be too safe when it comes to bystanders and employees.

Red Zone Danger Area Safety Light

This feature is somewhat new to the safety equipment market. A red zone danger area safety light projects a safe zone red line on the floor while operating the forklift to display the desired distance the operator wants in relation to the nearby workers and, more importantly, pedestrians. This light ensures that everyone near the forklift is a safe distance from the vehicle, because the light presents a visible line on any indoor floor surface and helps prevents accidents. This light can be placed on all four sides of the forklift.


When lights don't work, try sounds. Just be sure to purchase a horn that is loud enough to easily recognize over the other noises in your environment. And a simple beep of the horn will get the attention of nearby pedestrians and clear a path for you to safely drive the forklift. If the horn is sounding weak, you should replace it right away. A quick beep will always get the attention of any workers or bystanders in the area and allow for you to continue to work uninterrupted.

Back Up Alarm

Work environments where a forklift is being used can be noisy and loud. Ensure the safety of fellow employees and pedestrians with a quality back up alarm to alert anyone nearby. Doing so can also ease some of the stress of using a forklift, as it brings some confidence to the handling of the vehicle. It is always difficult to see what is behind you, but with a quality back up alarm, you can at least ease the burden of backing up in the vehicle. Having the alarm beep will notify anybody in the area of the possible danger they may be in.

Fire Extinguishers

Although OSHA does not require forklifts to carry a fire extinguisher, it's still a smart idea to keep one attached to the vehicle. You never know what sort of situation may occur and it is better to be prepared then left searching for one. These extinguishers are easy to get you and simple to use, so if the situation should arise where you need one you will be prepared.

Wheel Chocks

Chocks are the equivalent of parking brakes on a car. Although the forklift has brakes, chocks are also used as wedges to be extra sure that the wheels do not roll when the vehicle is not in use. You have likely seen chocks being used for airplanes. They are used as more of a precaution than anything, but still useful items to have, especially if the forklift is being left on a slanted surface.

When it comes to forklift safety equipment, you can never be too careful. Be sure to keep you, your employees, and anyone else in the general area safe from forklift use.

Proper Maintenance

Forklift safety equipment is nearly useless without proper maintenance. Aside from proper training and safety of the operator, the forklift itself should be periodically inspected. This includes examination of steering, brakes, alert sounds, tires and any other parts that would cause hazards if they malfunction. As part of the fork positioner, the roller chains need to be oiled on a periodic basis and hydraulic cylinders should always be precisely straight. This is all part of practical forklift safety. Proper maintenance of your forklift will also ensure that your forklift, aside from the parts being used, runs smoothly.

Forklift Operation

Sufficient training should be completed prior to operating a forklift. As "driving" this motorized vehicle is different from an automobile, it takes time to become comfortable in this position. The controls can be counter-intuitive, so spending several hours moving empty pallets will help you become oriented. Just because a forklift has four wheels, a motor and a seat does not mean you can drive it like a car or quad. Any time you are mounting or leaving the vehicle, avoid gripping any mechanic parts. Injury as a result of falling is a common hazard in the warehouse, so always be sure to be facing the forklift and holding proper grips when boarding.

When done with forklift for the day, always park it on a level floor and don't forget to take the key out of the ignition and keep it in a safe place. Because it does have a motor and there are exhaust fumes, the facility should have good ventilation so that fumes are not inhaled. Many accidents and injuries can be avoided by following practical safety measures.

Over the years, forklift safety has changed due to improvements in the industry. That will likely continue to improve year in and year out. That is why it is important to stay on top of all the latest innovations within the forklift industry and why we pride ourselves on being a trusted supplier of forklift safety equipment.

Trusted Forklift Safety Equipment Supplier

Direct Forklift Parts aims to be your trusted forklift part and equipment supplier. Be safe with your forklift equipment. Our staff has years of equipment dealing with forklifts and can provide you quality insight in regards to safely using your forklift. Check out our authorized dealing of Clark forklifts.

If you have any questions about our forklift safety equipment or any questions in general about our products and services, please contact us today. We will happily answer any questions you may have about any of the forklift parts we distribute, as well as provide you with pointers on how to best maintain your forklift. The number to call to speak to a representative is (718) 738-5120.

Being safe while operating a forklift is paramount and with our parts and vehicles you will be getting the best at an affordable rate. Request a quote today for the piece of forklift safety equipment that you are interested in purchasing.