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Forklift Safety Equipment New York

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Direct Forklift Parts of New York is a trusted nationwide distributor of quality forklift parts and equipment. Due to our years of experience in the industry, we aim to improve upon the forklift safety equipment already available to customers across the country. Innovations occur on a yearly basis and helps keep users of the vehicles safe. And proper awareness of all potential hazards while operating a forklift is very important. Anyone who uses a forklift regularly should be familiar with all of the safety precautions associated with the operation of a forklift. The main areas of concern while operating a forklift includes surface conditions, ramps, docks and narrow aisles. Having the proper safety equipment for your forklift is a big step towards improving your overall safety.

Types of Forklift Safety Equipment

It Helps To Have An Understanding Of This Safety Equipment

As a trusted supplier of forklift safety equipment, we offer a wide variety of equipment at affordable prices. Some of the pieces of equipment available are:

  • Strobe lights
  • Blue lights
  • Red zone danger area safety light
  • Horns
  • Back up alarm
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Wheel chocks

Getting forklift safety equipment that you can trust is vital to the overall safety of the workplace. Having the proper equipment for your forklift can help to keep your work environment safe.

General History of Forklifts

Understanding the history of forklifts can shine a light on all the advancements over the years. Our New York warehouse is home to various makes and models of forklifts. We have a long history working with a variety of dealers. Read more about the history of forklifts.

First Forklifts Manufactured

Nissan and Hyster began making forklifts nearly a century ago, but it was Clark who is known as the first producer of the vehicle. Early designs appeared more like a tractor, which was used even then for transporting objects within a factory. It wasn’t long until the forklift evolved into the design we recognize today. Yale and other companies joined the industry, many of which are still active. And they have helped to produce forklift safety equipment that is used worldwide.

Expansion Around the World

The use and development of forklifts has greatly expanded around the world after World War II. They are an invaluable piece of equipment in the manufacturing and warehousing industries. After the war, more products were being stored, which led to more methods concerning storage and warehouse control. As these innovations were being made, forklifts and their ability to maneuver and reach greater heights expanded. Newer models kept pushing the industry forward and warehouses evolved too, leading to more narrow aisles and higher stacks. All of this enabled greater storage capacities, which in turn eased production and shipping abilities.

Forklift Safety Equipment

Safety features, such as load back rests and operator cages began to be added to the forklifts during the 1950s and '60s, as safety concerns rose due to the increasing lifting heights and capacities. In the 90s, emission standards began to be implemented, as well as further improvement with safety features. This was in conjunction with health and environmental standards improving around the globe. And more recent forklift developments is the introduction of AC power forklifts, as well as fuel cell technology, which is an upgrade over battery-operated machines. This is due to the fact that fuel cells can produce electricity continuously for as long as fuel and oxygen are supplied, whereas the chemical energy in a battery comes from chemicals already present in the battery. Fuel cells merely require a continuous source of fuel and oxygen, which usually comes from the air.

Forklift Safety Equipment Supplier

Direct Forklift Parts is a trusted supplier of forklift safety equipment. If you are interested in our forklift parts and various equipment, please contact us today. The number to call is (718)738-5120. We are located in Queens, New York, but distribute nationwide. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have about your forklift and how to safely use it. You can also request a free quote for much of the forklift equipment we have in stock.

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